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Please contact City Hall at: 563-289-5315

Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Telephone reservations will be held for 48 hours pending receipt of $100 deposit in check or cash, and will be cancelled without the deposit. In addition, the estimated rental cost is due 30 days before the event. Click on the link below to View & Print Reservation Form.

View & Print Reservation Form


$25 per hour
for the main floor;
or a maximum of $250 between 7:00 A. M. and Midnight;
Rental hours include set-up and clean-up time, clearing the building by 1:00 A. M.
City personnel will unlock building and set the Heat/Air Conditioning, or else a key will be issued from City Hall to the renter during normal business hours.


Cancellations by the renter less than 15 days before the event result in loss of the deposit, and less than 7 days the loss of rental estimate.
The City retains the right to cancel the event with as much notice as possible and return deposits. If the renter violates the terms of this agreement, or for egregious conduct, cancellation may occur without return of deposits.

Return of Deposits and Rental Fees

Deposits will be mailed within 15 days of rental, provided no damage or loss beyond normal wear occurs. The renter shall be charged for any damage beyond the $100 deposit as determined by City employees.

Food and Alcohol Service

  • Food and beverages may be brought into the facility and served at no charge to guests;

  • Renter must provide proof of insurance with a certificate from homeownerís or renterís insurance company; due 30 days prior to rental date with a minimum liability amount of $500,000. You may have your agent fax the Certificate of Liability directly to City Hall at 563-289-5862.

  • Any evidence of alcohol abuse will result in cancellation of rental and removal of party from the premises.

  • Security

    Security must be maintained at all times during the event. The Princeton police department will be informed of all rentals and will determine if security personnel will be required at a cost to the renter of $25 per hour. A police officer will visit every event when alcohol is served, and if necessary remain on the scene until security is established. The City retains the right to inspect the property at any time.


    Boaters from the marina share the parking lot to the south, mostly during summer months. On-street parking is usually available in town, and across the highway to the northwest, away from the public works and fire department, without blocking any portion of the building or gas pumps. The drive way behind the kitchen must be kept clear to provide access to the property to the north.

    Respect for Property

  • Return facilities and grounds in clean and orderly condition;

  • Clean kitchen, remove all food, deposit trash in dumpster outside;

  • Furniture and equipment will be moved to previous locations;

  • Tables and chairs folded and replaced, unless agreed upon by manager;

  • No smoking inside the building or within 25 feet of any entrance-

  • no butts on the ground, please use butt containers.


    Signs may be attached to the railing on the outside of the building, with prior permission, and must be removed immediately following the event.

    Lost or Stolen Personal Items

    The City of Princeton is not responsible, but will attempt to secure them if found.

    We welcome you to the historic Princeton Community Center.
    We hope you have a wonderful event and return again soon.

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